Rhiannon Payne
Founder & CEO

San Francisco

Rhiannon Payne launched Sea Foam in 2017 as an independent whitepaper writer. By leveraging relationships with her network of talented friends and colleagues, who she has collaborated with for many years, she quickly grew the Sea Foam team to nearly 20 people, encompassing a wide range of services from editorial to engineering. Rhiannon has a decade of experience across fintech marketing, product development, and journalism. She has both worked for and co-founded technology companies across LA, SF, Tokyo, and Dublin, with previous clients including The Ritz-Carlton and Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

Justin Bowen
Partner & CTO

San Francisco

Justin Bowen is a technology visionary with over a decade of experience developing architecture for successful start-ups, contributing to $100m+ in fundraising seed through series D. He has worked with international teams in San Francisco, Tokyo, and Dublin, building platforms for high-volume data processing for location-based imagery and video, as well as applying machine learning and deploying AI services in the agriculture technology industry. Justin is also CEO of, a cannabis technology company.


Tom Bowen

San Francisco

Tom Bowen has worked with and experienced revolutionary changes in computer technologies. From paper and pencil accounting to computerized systems, standalone desktops to local area networks, modems to internet, dot com boom to bust, big data, NoSQL, SaaS, mobile, and now cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. He is excited about blockchain technology and crypto and looks forward to the journey ahead.

David Luhman
UX Director

San Francisco

David Luhman has led large creative and UX teams across the Bay Area, including as the second design hire at MyFitnessPal, with a successful exit when it was acquired by Under Armour for $475M. He now works with various VC portfolios to bring early stage startups to market and architect scalable design strategies, with a focus on the blockchain industry.

Chloe Diamond
Director of Media


Currently based in London, Chloe has spent the last decade working on content, copy and, occasionally, graphics for a variety of businesses before starting work on her own VR art application in early 2017. Seduced by blockchain in 2014, she enjoys the relentless creativity seen within the space and the potential it has to solve pressing global issues. When she's not writing whitepapers or leading new media strategies, Chloe is an avid traveler and keen list-maker.

Bishal Ghimire
Director of Engineering


Bishal has 11 years of software development experience and 8 years working in mobile app development, with a focus on user experience. Bishal is leading a robust engineering team focused on developing web, Native iOS & Android mobile apps, smart contracts, and private blockchain platforms. Bishal has 6 years of experience working alongside CTO Justin Bowen at companies such as Cainthus, and the two have developed seamless processes to meet client goals.

Fabiola Reina
Creative Director


Fabiola has 11+ years of repeated success in increasing the value of brands through award-winning strategic design and creative content marketing across many different medias. Companies she has partnered with include Intercontinental Hotel Group, Microsoft, Kettle Brand, the Seattle Humane Society, and more.

Marinda Valenti
Chief Editor

New York

With experience working for top publishing houses including Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Scholastic Inc., and W. W. Norton & Co., as well as a master's in publishing from NYU, Marinda has a keenly cultivated and highly professional ability to clean up the messiest of copy. As a blockchain enthusiast and experienced technical writer, Marinda works with whitepapers and content marketing efforts at Sea Foam.

Mari Rogers
Lead Content Creator


After receiving a BA in Creative Writing from SUNY Geneseo, Mari cut her editorial teeth at an SEO marketing agency.In Munich she worked for, one of the world’s leading online luxury retailers, writing and editing results-oriented digital copy for a global audience of millions. An interest in disruptive technologies drew Mari to cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry, and she can't wait for what's in store.

Wendy Clack
PR & Content Manager

United Kingdom

Wendy Clack is a freelance fintech writer who specializes in writing interesting blockchain and cryptocurrency content. She has a decade of experience in PR and corporate communications, and has a master’s degree in journalism. Previous clients include LG and the British Medical Association.

Sara Luckey
Content Manager


Sara is an I.T. specialist with over a decade of experience in SDLC/STLC management, improvement, and implementation with a proven track record working with companies ranging from smaller start-ups to industry world-leaders. Sara is able to adeptly combine technical application with creative thinking in order to best meet the goals of her clients.

Jeannette Wisniewski
Content Creator

San Francisco

Jeannette has worked as a Senior Writer for early Internet Data Center (IDC) Exodus Communications, valued at 37 billion in 2000 and acquired by Cable & Wireless. Jeannette wrote both internal and external communication for the entire range of services. Jeannette has experience writing about emerging technologies that include blockchain, programmatic marketing, and AI.

Shota Samkharadze
European Business Development


Shota has spent over a decade working in various high-level government positions before moving towards the technology sector. Before this role, Shota was Business Developer for Wizio, who provide AR/VR services to real estate developers and architects, and Business Analyst for HCA Healthcare UK, in which he is focused on the security side of technology application on a corporate level. Shota holds degrees in Defence Studies from King's College London and in Law from the Technical University of Tbilisi.

Alina Shakya
Front-End Developer


Alina is an experienced Software Engineer specializing in back-end and front-end technologies. While living in Nepal, Alina worked with software companies based in the US and Australia and also worked on various freelancing projects. She now lives in Dublin, Ireland. At Sea Foam she has been engaged in data curation and annotation work and is currently working as a front-end developer.


Lyra Almoite
Project Manager

The Philippines

With years of experience in management, marketing, and events both online and offline, Lyra has worked directly for company presidents, CEOs, and business owners, managing teams of marketers, virtual assistants, writers, designers and developers. She has a heart for adventure, traveling, and good food and is often found in South East Asian cities.

Patrick Johnson
Product Manager

San Francisco

Patrick Johnson is a proven project, product manager, and QA specialist with over a decade of experience working for start-ups across the Bay Area. He has worked closely with Sea Foam’s CTO, UX Director, and Director of Engineering for upwards of 6 years at companies including Banjo and Cainthus, and has perfectly dialed in product management processes to meet client needs.